Cleaning and disinfection of dusty air handling systems

Why is it necessary to clean air ducts?

Dust build-up in the system blocks the airflow in the ventilation system. This reduces its efficiency.
In addition, various fungi, bacteria and viruses can colonise the system. They can thus invisibly poison the people working in the system. Disinfection of the air ducts at certain intervals is also essential from an energy efficiency point of view, as a dusty system can cause an energy surplus of up to 10%.

The process of air duct disinfection

Dust is loosened on the inside surface of the ductwork and collected in a sealed dust bag through the cleaning vents by means of an extractor. The dust contamination is disposed of as hazardous waste.

As a final step in the cleaning process, the duct system is treated with a special disinfectant to kill any bacteria, viruses or fungi that may have colonised, ensuring you have a cleaned and disinfected duct system.

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