Cleaning of commercial- and restaurant kitchens

légtechnikai tisztítás

In accordance with the strict rules of HACCP, we undertake full-scale professional cleaning of kitchens and restaurants with special cleaning and disinfecting agents.

We professionally remove greasy, oily deposits in the shortest possible time.
In addition to contamination, we remove bacteria and pathogens that can multiply on kitchen surfaces and machines.
These procedures create a sterile environment for you.

The dust is loosened on the inner surface of the air ducts and collected in a closed dust bag by means of a suction device through the cleaning openings. We will have the dust contamination disposed of as hazardous waste.

As a final step in the cleaning process, the air duct system is treated with a special disinfectant to kill any bacteria, viruses or fungi that may have colonised.

This ensures you have a cleaned and disinfected air duct system.

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