Cleaning of greasy air systems

Why is it important to clean kitchen ventilation and air handling systems?

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A dirty kitchen exhaust system cannot function properly and its efficiency is reduced. Its capacity is reduced making it much more expensive to run a greasy system than to maintain it regularly. The emergency services can carry out a spot check at any time, and fines can be imposed on equipment that has not been cleaned!

When do we use grease air system cleaning? In the case of commercial kitchen hoods and restaurant hoods, greasy vapour is trapped in the ductwork and it is not sufficient to clean them using the same methods as for dusty systems.


The process of cleaning a kitchen grease extraction system:

After requesting a quotation, we will assess the condition of the ductwork at no cost and then prepare a quotation for cleaning the kitchen ventilation system. Once the quotation is accepted, we will arrange a convenient time. We will prepare the work area before starting the work. We will pay particular attention to the cleanliness of objects outside the area to be cleaned and the cleanliness of the room. If we cannot easily access the area to be cleaned, we will cut cleaning openings and install a cleaning door that can be used during subsequent cleanings. In addition, we replace flexible pipes if necessary. Once the cleaning task is completed, the entire surface is treated with a degreasing compound. We then use mechanical means to remove the dirt, which is treated as hazardous waste and disposed of. After the work is finished, the work area is handed over in its original clean state. Photographic documentation of the work is kept.

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The fumes and gases produced in the greased air ducts are carcinogenic and endanger the health of both guests and staff. In large kitchens and in rooms using a restaurant extractor hood, a lot of greasy vapour is generated, which, as with domestic extractors, causes grease to build up in the air handling system.

This is why cleaning of commercial kitchen hoods, i.e. cleaning of greasy ventilation systems, is particularly important.

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